We at foodmedic.net are devoted to teaching people  how
to use Food to maintain health.We know how important it is to
eat healthy so in our BLOG we post Recipes the whole family
will love and that are great for your body. Learn how to use
simply yet effective ingredients to make healthy meals.So stay in
the kitchen to stay out of Hospital.

who we are

Food is Medicine

       Hi i’m Sherry Hanson. I’m a chef from the Caribbean , I’ve been a in the cooking field for 20 years. I worked at a Vegetarian Restaurant in the Cayman Islands , and was always a lover of Food and Alternative Medicine.

       Five years ago i moved to the United States, Cooking was the thing i did best so i again started to work at a Vegan Restaraunt in Chicago , There i met my Partner and best friend Jasmine Bendele.   

How We Started

       She was had just finished School , Studying about Alternative Medicine and  Nutrition . She really inspired me cause she had 3 kids , Finished school and was now starting her career .  We share a common background so we instantly connected , We would go to Health Seminars , read books and have heated discussions on Food and Medicine with alot of other people . So we decided we wanted a platform where we can show what we learned to the world . We brainstormed on which platforms would be best . 


                 I met this blogger about 2 years ago that was suggesting that we build a blog . We hesitated a bit cause we aren’t writers , but after narrowing down the choices to Books or a Blog  . We decided to go the blog route cause i felt i could just be myself and just write what i know .

         So here we are FoodMedic.Net . We post articles on Healthy Recipes , Using Food as Medicine , Alternative  Medicine , Food Ingredients to stay away from . Healthy Restaurants , Natural Foods and more . We write based on our experience and overall knowledge . There’s alot we have learnt in our years in the Cooking and Health field . 

               We also encourage interaction with you the reader . All of us can learn from each other , We all can help each other  and our families live a long and HEALTHY LIFE . So please READ , ENJOY AND SHARE .